Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vecriga (Riga Old town)

Riga old town very often called Vecrīga (in latvian prefix vec- means old)
Russian people very often call it Старый город (old town /staryj gorad/), старушка (granny /starooshka/), вецрига (/vetsriga/)
Vecriga located in the heart of Riga. It is historical center of Riga city.
Living here is quite good but not quiet, because of a lot of tourists who sometimes partying everyday and everynight.
Here is one big shopping center - Galerija Centers or simply Centers. Here you can find everything - banks, loundries, clothes shops, etc.. Small shops everywhere, because it is main tourist area in Riga.
In Vecriga prices for renting flats varies from 800 EUR per month. Or from 80 EUR per night.
Here is a lot of small bars, pubs and clubs. Mostly of them are filled up with foreigners and latvian people. Except Roxy club, which is filled with foreigners and russian people. Actually it is the biggest club in Vecriga, working almost everynight. On weekends here you can find up to 5-6 workign stages - Electronic, RnB, Russian music, Chillout, Oldies and Main Stage.
One of notable Latvian clubs is Kaļķu vārti (Kalku street Gate /Kaltju vaarti/) - free, but strict face control and always filled up with nice and good-looking people.

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