Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Riga center

Riga Center (latvian: centers; russian: центр /tsentr/)
Riga Center covers middle area of Riga on east bank of river Daugava making almost square area between Daugava on the west, Matisa street on the east, Kr. Valdemara on the north and Chaka street on north. Sometimes as center reffered surroinding territories. Riga center also includes Vecriga (Old town).
Riga center is the best area for living, business and partying in Riga, but prices for real eastate it the highest in Riga, sometimes reaching up to 10 000 Eur per square meter (e.g. Alberta street)
Vecriga is old town part of Riga. Here is a lot of pubs, bars, clubs, etc. But real nightlife is active during weekends only and sometimes on thursdays.
Most biggest clubs located outside of old town, around Brivibas street, like Fashion club, Essential club, La Rocca with Studio 69.
Riga center also famous with very low crime rate in Riga.
Riga center could be covered by food less than for one hour.
Here you can face big problems with car parking.
Huge traffic also makes some problems during rush hours: 8-11 AM and 3-8 PM workingdays.

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